In 1979, a group of Surgical Assistants banded together to form the Virginia Association of Surgical Assistants, set up a job description and standards for practice. This group saw a need for S.A.'s and the need for education. The Eastern Virginia Medical School then became the home for the S.A. program. With the help of the Department of Surgery at Norfolk General Hospital, they developed a Certification Exam. This group also conducted a survey across the country to find out just how many people were out there working in the capacity of a Surgical Assistant. They were amazed to find how many S.A's were going unrecognized for the job they performed. Reaching out across the United States, the membership grew and thus the Virginia Association of Surgical Assistants became the National Surgical Assistant Association in 1983.

As the first organization in the country to establish standards of professionalism and proficiency for Non Physician Surgical Assistants, it is our mission to promote excellence, education, training, and professional certification. Our members are employed by hospitals, surgery centers and surgical assistant staffing firms. There are also large groups of independent contractor surgical assistants. Today, NSAA continues to enhance the quality of patient care by providing professional development to Non-physician Surgical Assistants through continuing education, certification, networking, publications and meeting with peers and other allied health professionals.


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The responsibilities of the Regional Ambassador are to network with the NSAA members in their region and communicate bi-annually with a newsletter, phone call or e-mail. Communicate with the National Office and share any news from the region or any changes of address information. Regional Ambassadors act as contact persons for regional members on: National Updates, Educational Events, Legislative Issues, and Membership Support. The National office will contact Regional Ambassadors when a new member from that region joins NSAA or when someone inquires about information on CSA's that are in their region. NSAA will provide a database of regional members at the request of a Regional Ambassador.