The NSAA is an active association with representatives in all regions of the United States. The association attends, sponsors and exhibits at many events every year. In addition, the association lobbies on behalf surgical assistants on a variety of different legislative issues. This page provides information on some of the events where NSAA representatives will be present. We encourage our members to be active in their local surgical assisting market. Please email us if you have any upcoming events in your area that you believe would be beneficial for the NSAA to attend. The NSAA also appreciates any feedback from our members via facebook or twitter.


This April 18th – 22nd, 2022, join the National Surgical Assistant Association and the Association of Surgical Assistants in the inaugural celebration of National Surgical Assistant Week.
Both membership organizations will celebrate annually to recognize the vital work of Surgical Assistants across the nation.
The week-long celebration calls attention to the important role Surgical Assistant professionals play in patient care and the healthcare community.


Association of Surgical Assistants

Annual Meeting and Workshop
September 22-23
Dallas, TX


American College of Surgeons

2022 Clinical Congress
October 16-20, 2022
San Diego, CA

Association of Surgical Assistants
National Surgical Assistant Association

4th ASA/NSAA Joint Conference
April 21 - 22, 2023
Washington, DC


NSAA's primary purpose is to provide professional development to Surgical Assistants through
continuing education, certification, networking, publications and meeting with peers and other
allied health professionals. We are the first organization in the country to establish standards of