Data Coming In From NSAA Study

On another front, Mr. Gencarelli is consulting with James Willobee, CSA, NSAA board member, and coordinator of a critical study now being carried by NSAA volunteers to show the solid clinical outcomes and time efficiencies driven by CSA participation in operations requiring 1st assistants. Shorter operating times will show better outcomes and fewer complications and readmissions while at the same time, showing that CSA's cover far more cases than other medical taxonomies in the same service area.

Mr. Gencarelli is now briefing key Members of the Ways & Means Health Subcommittee such as Chairman Kevin Brady of Texas, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, Sam Johnson of Texas and Congressman Price (surgeon) of Georgia on what to expect from the NSAA study. Later this year, Physicians Caucus Members Dr. Phil Roe of Tennessee, Dr. Burgess of Texas, Dr. Benishek of Michigan and Dr. Buschon of Indiana will help organize a second group briefing for Caucus and Ways & Means Subcommittee Members and staff. This briefing will see CSA's and surgeons who work with CSA's regularly explain the significant of the final data from the study discussed above. Gencarelli is also attempting to get support for this briefing from select members of the American College of Surgeons.

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