Notice to all Virginia Members!

The 2023 Session of the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1147 and House Bill 1426 which authorize the Board of Medicine to require its licensees to complete up to 2 hours of Continuing Education (CE) training on a specific topic for license renewal.  The law requires that the first such required training be on the subject of Human Trafficking.    

At its October 19, 2023 meeting, the full Board of Medicine thoroughly discussed this new law and voted to require 1 hour of CE in Human Trafficking for all licensees for the next renewal cycles, 2024 and 2025. Upon filling out your renewal form, you will need to attest to the fact that you obtained 1 hour of CE credit on the subject of human trafficking.  

There is excellent online information at no cost on the website of The Polaris Project. Go to

Select "Human Trafficking" from the menu at the top of the homepage. Under the Human Trafficking tab, a dropdown menu will appear, and you can select any of the screens on “Understanding Human Trafficking”, “Recognizing Human Trafficking”, “Myths, Facts and Statistics”, “Policy & Legislation”, and “Resources and Reports”. You can keep clicking through the screens to accumulate an hour of CE. Under “Understanding Human Trafficking or Recognizing Human Trafficking”, you will find a “Take the Training” tab for Human Trafficking 101 Training.  Select “Get Trained” and enter your information as you want it to appear on your completion certificate, and then follow the instructions to continue.

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