Report 1

Continuing Education Policy (2019 Rev)

To view the NSAA Continuing Education Policy, download the PDF document below.


To view the NSAA Bylaws, download the PDF document below.

Professional Code

To view the professional code, click the button to view or download the PDF below.

Assistants at Surgery ACS 2020 Update

CMS First Assistant 2017 Exclusion List

Position Statements

Scope of Practice for Non-Physician CSA

Section 2706 of the Affordable Care Act

ACS Statement of Principals

An overview of the ACS Principals.

Administration of Local Anesthesia

Applying and Removing Casts and Splints

Aseptic Technique

Dissecting Altering and Removing Tissue

Harvesting Grafts

Implanting Devices

Intraoperative Activation of Power Equipment

Non-Physician Surgical Assistants

Opening and Closing

Placing Foley Catheters

Placing IVs and Arterial Lines

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